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x Women's Health
Chronic babe
glyburide in pregnancy
Drugs in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
Drugs in Breastmilk
Psychoactive Meds in Pregnancy
Managing Contraception
NA Menopause Society
Tween bras

x Breastfeeding
Milk Share
lact aid
Kelly Mom

x Men's Health
Master's Mens Clinic
BPH Recommendations

x Vaccinations
Travel Vaccines
Trip Prep
live vaccines

x GI / Hepatic
Interpretation of Liver Enzymes
Hepatitis C Resource Center
Statins in liver dz
Gluten Free Drugs
Gluten Free Meds
Drugs in tube feeding

x Anemia
Iron def Anemia US pharmacist
Natl Kidney Fd Anemia guidelines
x Guidelines
Institute for Clin Syst Impmt
NHLBI Guidelines
Am Assoc Clin Endocrinologists
Joslin Diabetes Guidelines
ADA Diabetes Recommendations
GOLD COPD Guidelines
GINA Asthma Guidelines
BPH Guidelines
National Immunization Program
OSU Drug Policy Eval
Natl Kidney Foundation
VA Guidelines
Prim Care Clin Practice
CHEST Guidelines
Framingham calculator

x Medical Journals
Postgraduate Medicine
American Journal of Kidney Disease
Medical Letter
American Family Physician
American Heart Journal
American Journal of Psychiatry
American Journal of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine
ACP Journals
American Medical Assn Journals
Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine
Canadian Medical Assn Journal
Diabetes Care
Hospital Practice
Journal of Fam Pract Physicians
Mayo Clinic Proceedings
Southern Medical Journal

x Pharmacy Journals
Formulary Journal
Annals of Pharmacotherapy
Drug Topics
Pharmacist's Letter
Pharmacy Times
US Pharmacist
Pharmacotherapy Online

x Management
pharmacy gs document
Orchid Model
x Cardiovascular
American Heart Assoc
Tachy/Brady cardia guideline
Torsades Info Center
Valve dz guide
Warfarin Interruption
Women's CAD
Cholesterol Clinic
CPK safety
Lipid Hlth pt ed
Lipids Online
National Lipid Education Council
NCEP handout
NSAIDs and Plavix
cital vs escital

x Hypertension
Hypertension Online
BP Log pt ed
Cleveland Clinic Work-up
Nurse guideline
NHLBI pt ed
Canadian HTN Society
DASH recs
Am Soc Hypertension
AHA/ACC statement
Cambridge protocol
Georgia RN
ashp htn guide
Kidney Atlas

x Pulmonary
Asthma Center
ABG Interpretation

x Diabetes
U-500 dosing
National Diabetes Info Clearinghouse
Optimizing control
Fructosamine equivalence
ADA CDL info
BIDS therapy review
Insulin switching
Type 2 insulin
Am Diabetes Assoc
CDL insulin
ada slee[

x Pain
Methadone conversions
Benzodiazepine guide
Partners against pain
Managing Chronic Pain
Headache Hygiene

x Psych/Neuro
x Drug Info
Global RPh
Rx Files
OHSU Library
Cleveland Clinic Disease Mgmt
FP Notebook
NSAID Classes
NSAID Classification
Porphyria Drug List
Do Not Crush List
DESI Drug List
Grapefruit Juice Interactions
The Berries (Pearls)
Dr. Rose's Peripheral Brain
thyroid conversion
Dr. Bob Psych Links
Kinetics Review
Effectiveness in Healthcare

x VA Sites
VISN 21 Drug Use Criteria
PVAMC Clinical Resources
RVAMC Bulletin Board
Lane county services
Employee Express
VA Canteen
TMS Login
PCMH Collaborative
VA Library
Employee Learning System
NIH PharmD Gateway
Vista Downtime
Vistnet dashboard
CPS Sharepoint
Sanford Guide
Financial Disclosure Management
VHA Publications
Metaframe Login
DOD Pharmacoeconomic Center

x Biostatistics
Biostat for Clinician
Statistics at Square One
EMB Toolkit
Standard Deviation calc
Online learning-washington
CMAJ Basic Stats
Duke University Learning Center
McMaster University

x Alternative med & Herbals
Consumer Lab

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