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x PicMonkey
! Official Website
* All the PicMonkey Tutorials!
* PicMonkey Tutorials_ Kati Heifner - YouTube
* PicMonkey's Photo Editor—Official site
* The Top 9 Design Trends to Conquer 2017 | PicMonkey
* Top Ten Photo Editing Tutorials Made by PicMonkeyers
Banner Design - Tips and Inspiration By Canva
Best PicMonkey Image Editing Tutorials - The Graphics Fairy
Create a Winning Circle Logo with Our Curved Text Tool | PicMonkey Blog
Create Custom Thumbnails for YouTube - YouTube
Creating beautiful images - YouTube
DIY Dorm Decor Ideas by PicMonkey - YouTube
DIY Gift Ideas | Easy & Fun - YouTube
Erase Background in PicMonkey and Save as Transparent Image - YouTube
Get the Lowdown on Photography Trends for 2017 | PicMonkey Blog
How I Edit My Thumbnails (PicMonkey Tutorial) Updated! - YouTube
How to Design a Logo Yourself for Free Tutorial With PicMonkey - YouTube
How to Erase Background on PicMonkey - YouTube
How to Make a Facebook Cover Photo with PicMonkey | PicMonkey
How to Remove Text From a Saved Graphic on PicMonkey-Saving Your Template Image!
How to Remove the Background from a Photo Using PicMonkey - YouTube
How to Use PicMonkey - YouTube
New Effects & New Features | PicMonkey Blog
Tutorial: Getting to Know New PicMonkey | PicMonkey
Tutorial: Master Text Effects with 3 Tricks - YouTube

x Lunapic
! Official Website
* Tutorials _14 videos_ YouTube
Crop and Make a Transparent Picture on Luna Pic - YouTube
Easy tutorial to add a watermark to photos - YouTube
How to change image color - YouTube
How to change image size - YouTube
How to crop image - YouTube
How to easily remove a background of a picture - YouTube
How to Make Black and White Image - YouTube
How to rotate image - YouTube
How to use Lunapic - YouTube
Lunapic Collage Tutorial - YouTube
Lunapic photo editing tutorial - YouTube Paste, Combine and Blend images Tutorial - YouTube Text Tool with Animated Text - YouTube
Remove Background using Lunapic - YouTube
Taking away object from background replacing it to another background on Lunapic
Using LunaPic to make Transparent Gifs - YouTube

x Fotoflexer
! Official Website
Adding Watermark Text to a Photo Using - YouTube
Create Facebook Cover with fotoflexer - YouTube
Facebook Cover Photo 20 percent rule Using Fotoflexer - YouTube
Foto Flexer Small Tutorial! - YouTube
FotoFlexer - The world's most advanced online photo editor
fotoflexer demo - YouTube
FotoFlexer Smart Resize Demo - YouTube
FotoFlexer to Edit Profile Pic - YouTube
FotoFlexer Tutorial - YouTube
FotoFlexer Tutorial -Effects- - YouTube
FotoFlexer tutorial to resize your photos - YouTube
How to Edit Your Photos & Images Using FotoFlexer - YouTube
How To Make a Youtube Background Using - YouTube
How to Put Two Photos Together (FotoFlexer) - YouTube
Shrinking Images with Fotoflexer - YouTube
Using FotoFlexer to Add Text to a Photo - YouTube

x Photoshop Express
! Photoshop Express Editor Online
Adobe Photoshop Express - YouTube
Edit photos online for free with Photoshop Express - YouTube
Photoshop Express - YouTube
x Pixlr Editor
! Official Site
* Pixlr Tutorial & Training - 1 Hour 21 Minutes - 32 Chapters - YouTube
* Pixlr Tutorials_Michele Berner_30 videos - YouTube
* - Totally free, very functional, online Photoshop-like tool
Adding a Texture on Pixlr on Vimeo
Adding extra space around an image in Pixlr on Vimeo
Beginner's Pixlr Tutorial - Basics - YouTube
Change Color of Objects Using Pixlr Editor on Vimeo
Change Eye Color Easily in Pixlr - YouTube
Color Splash: magical realism in photo form on Vimeo
Create a color-based mask with the Color Selection Tool on Vimeo
Creating a Background Pixlr on Vimeo
Creating a Banner in Pixlr on Vimeo
Creating a Panorama Image in Pixlr on Vimeo
Creating a Postcard in Pixlr on Vimeo
Creating New Banners on Vimeo
Crop, Color Replace, Spot Heal, Zoom in Pixlr on Vimeo
Cropping an Image in Pixlr on Vimeo
Cutting Things Out with the Magic Wand & Lasso Tool on Vimeo
DIY Your Logo in Pixlr on Vimeo
Draw a mask with the Brush Selection Tool on Vimeo
Editing and Creating Images with on Vimeo
Editing Images with Pixlr on Vimeo
Filters in Pixlr on Vimeo
Gradient Lighting in Pixlr Desktop on Vimeo
How to Add Text to an Image Using on Vimeo
How to add watermarks using on Vimeo
how to change skin color pixlr - YouTube
How to create a Free Logo for your YouTube Or Facebook Page Without Photoshop 20
HOW TO CURVE TEXT IN PIXLR | part 2 of the Pixlr tutorials - YouTube
How To Edit and Resize Images Using Pixlr on Vimeo
How to Remove a Background Using Pixlr on Vimeo
How to resize/reduce an image using on Vimeo
How to rotate, distort, add shape to text in pixlr video - YouTube
How To Use Pixlr To Design Graphics on Vimeo
How to Use to Create a Transparent Image on Vimeo
How-TO! Pixlr tutorial: full face makeover! - YouTube
HOWTO Use to edit Images on Vimeo
IN13 Using Pixlr to on Vimeo
Make a meme without a crummy watermark on Vimeo
Make Quick Holiday Cards Out of Your Photos on Vimeo
Make someone or something the center of attention with focal blur on Vimeo
Multiple Exposure Collage with Evan Brown on Vimeo
Open an image from a live URL in Pixlr on Vimeo
Perfect Your Logo: Tips on Making Your Image Transparent on Vimeo
Personal Branding: How to create a Typography Logo using Pixlr Tutorial on Vimeo
Pixlr - Combining Images on Vimeo
Pixlr - Text, Layers and Styles on Vimeo
Pixlr Adjustments on Vimeo
Pixlr and Inkscape Tutorial - Creating circles out of raster images on Vimeo
PIxlr Background Text Box on Vimeo
Pixlr Collage Tutorial on Vimeo
Pixlr Desktop Recipes from Susan Tuttle on Vimeo
Pixlr Desktop Recipes from Susan Tuttle: Antiqued Flora on Vimeo
Pixlr Desktop Recipes from Susan Tuttle: Black and White Film Grain on Vimeo
Pixlr Desktop Recipes from Susan Tuttle: Retro Skies on Vimeo
Pixlr Desktop Recipes from Susan Tuttle: Warm Sepia on Vimeo
Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Resizing and Cropping Images on Vimeo
Pixlr Editor Design Basics: Working with Layers on Vimeo
Pixlr Effects on Vimeo
Pixlr lesson 1: Text on Vimeo
pixlr pencilsketching on Vimeo
Pixlr Photo Editing on Vimeo
Pixlr Sequence Tutorial Skiing on Vimeo
Pixlr transparent on Vimeo
Pixlr Tutorial - Creating a Banner on Vimeo
Pixlr Tutorial - Cutting out an image new background on Vimeo
Pixlr Tutorial - How to Create Custom Brushes in Pixlr on Vimeo
Pixlr tutorial - Text, Layer Styles and the Drawing Tool - Lesson 23 - YouTube
Pixlr Tutorial 1 - Introduction to Pixlr - YouTube
Pixlr Tutorial 2 - Selection Tools - YouTube
Pixlr Tutorial 3 - Layers, Desaturate, Burn, Dodge, Sponge, and Color Replace -
Pixlr Tutorial-Cool Text Effects Pixlr Tutorial - YouTube
Pixlr Video Tutorial, Venus on Vimeo
Pixlr | How to Rasterize Layer Using Pixlr - YouTube
Pixlr, Video Tutorial- Transparency on Vimeo for free image editing on Vimeo Image Editing Demo on Vimeo
Pixlr: Creativity Tools on Vimeo
Place An Image In Text With Pixlr Editor - YouTube
Popping Out a Photo in Pixlr on Vimeo
Quickly isolate an object with the Object Selection Tool on Vimeo
Replacing a color in Pixlr Editor on Vimeo
Resizing and Scaling Using on Vimeo
Retouch Tutorial - Adding Hair in Pixlr on Vimeo
Retouch Tutorial - Whitening Teeth in Pixlr on Vimeo
Review: on Vimeo
Signing up with Pixlr to get online storage services on Vimeo
The Influence Panel: an overview on making masks on Vimeo
Tutorial 1: Layers and Masks on Vimeo
Using blending modes for fakery and creativity on Vimeo
Using Pixlr Editor on Vimeo
Using Pixlr on Vimeo
Using Pixlr To Change Image Size on Vimeo
Using Pixlr to edit images on Vimeo
Vintage Photo Effect in Pixlr on Vimeo
Watermarking Your Images using Pixlr Free Online Graphics Editor - YouTube
x Pixlr Express
! Pixlr Express Online Editor
Creating an effect on a Picture for a Party Invitation on Vimeo
Getting Started with Pixlr Express on Vimeo
How to resize an image in Pixlr Express on Vimeo
How to Resize and Crop with Pixlr Express on Vimeo
Making a Space Silhouette with Pixlr Express on Vimeo
Pixlr Express on Vimeo
Pixlr Express Review on Vimeo
Pixlr-express.m4v on Vimeo
Pixlr: Adding Text to an Image on Vimeo
Turning a Photo into Art with Pixlr Express on Vimeo
Using Pixlr Express to Crop a Photo on Vimeo

x Pixlr-o-Matic
! Pixlr-o-matic | Autodesk Pixlr
Pixlr o Matic on Vimeo
Technology new video- Pixlr-o-matic on Vimeo

x Fotor
! 0fficial site
Fotor review / tutorial - YouTube
Fotor Tutorial: Make a Collage in Fotor - YouTube
Fotor Tutorial: Photo Editing - YouTube
Mac App Review - Fotor: The Easiest Way to Edit Photos on the Mac! - YouTube
Using Fotor Application for Editing your Photos - YouTube

x Miscellaneous
5 One-Click Websites to Make Your Photos Look Better
6 Cheap Alternatives to Adobe Photoshop—Review Geek
x Canva
! Official Site
* The Ultimate Collection of Canva Tutorials - 31 videos - YouTube
Banner Design - Tips and Inspiration By Canva
Canva Help Center
Creating a Facebook cover with Canva - YouTube
Graphic Design Tutorials By Canva
How to Make Awesome Graphics Using Canva - YouTube
How to Stand Out with a Brilliant Facebook Cover Photo—Design School
How To Use Canva - Tutorial! - YouTube
Presentation Design 101
Quote Graphic Email - YouTube
The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing
Top Designers Share Their Secrets to Beating Creative Block Design School

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