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x Theory
Encoding and modulation of digital signals
Electronic color code
Resistor color codes - color code chart, calculator and examples
Graphical Resistance Calculator
4 Band Resistor Color Codes
4 and 5 band resistor color code calculator
Resistor Color Code Intrepreter
Testing Diodes and Transistors
Testing transistors and diodes with analog and digital multimeters
Simple testing procedures for transistors and diodes
MOSFET testing
Capacitor Testing, Safe Discharging and Other Related Information
Testing a capacitor
How metal detectors work
Electronic projects and electronics tutorials
Open Directory - Science: Technology: Electronics: Tutorials
101 Electronics Links

x Multimeters
Mastech multimeters
Clamp Meters, Digital Clamp meter, Analog Clamp Multimeter
Digital Multimeters, DMM, Multimeter
A list with digital and analog multimeters
Fluke 87V digital multimeter (DMM) for maximum industrial productivity
Using multimeters
Fluke 289 True-rms Industrial Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
DT-830B digital multimeter
Fluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter with Non-Contact voltage
M890G schematic and technical specifications
Fluke 287 True-rms Electronics Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture
The Equus Innova 3320 digital multimeter
Keithley Instruments Inc. - Digital Multimeters and Data Acquisition/Switching
Digital Multimeters (DMMs) and LCR Meters
MY-68 auto-ranging digital multimeter
Digital Multimeters - How Are They Used?
AutoSpeed - Using Multimeters
x Audio
Simple one transistor preamplifier
LM1876 - Overture Audio Power Amplifier Series Dual 20-Watt
Tda2005 - 20 Watt Audio Power Amplifier
80 Watt IC LM3875 Audio Amplifier
4W Audio Amplifier with TDA1013B
TDA8551 - 1 W BTL audio amplifier with digital volume control
Power audio amplifier ICs
Class D Audio Amplifier Output Filter Optimization
Thermal Considerations for a Class D Amplifier
Optimizing Audio Bridged Tied Load Amplifiers
Minimize Noise in Audio Channels with Smart PCB Layout
TDA2040 - 22W power audio amplifier
Class D Amplifiers: Fundamentals of Operation and Recent Developments
Reduce EMI from Class-D Amplifiers Using New Modulation Techniques
10W audio amplifier with TDA2003
Single Chip 50W Stereo Amplifier
Amplifier Electronic Circuits - Audio Amp Schematics
10 Watt Audio Amplifier
Cheap 100 to 150 Watt Amp
170W Class D power audio amplifier
Headphone Amplifier
Line signal to microphone input
Interfacing electret and dynamic microphones to computer sound cards
Infrared IR headphones
Low Noise Balanced Microphone Preamp
Low pass filter - Subwoofer
Color codes for computer sound cards - input/output jacks
Microphone Mixer
Miniature FM Voice Transmitter
Simple wireless microphone schematic diagram
Underwater microphone
ELM - Audio Surround Processor
Transistor Organ
Sound Level Meter
8 Note Tune Player
3 Watt FM Transmitter
x Forums
Electro Tech Online
Electronic equipment repair and service manual search discussion
Electrical/Electronic engineering other topics Forum
Electronics Forum
Electronics - GardenWeb
All About Circuits

x Bookmarks
Hobby projects
Hobby electronic kits
Bowden's Hobby Circuits
Silicon Chip Online Magazine
Ramsey Electronics
Circuits for the Hobbyist
Quasar Electronics
Sony C-37A Condenser Microphone

x Components
Analog Devices
Maxim/Dallas Semiconductor
National Semiconductor
Texas Instruments
International Rectifier

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