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Welcome to Ms. O's FLES Apples! These links are enrichment practice for all of our lessons. You will find elements of communication, culture, community, cross-curricular applications, and much more. Enjoy and ensure that you continue to include 21 century teaching into all your lessons. i Hasta luego !
A1: ABC - Abecedario
1. ABC basico
2. Abecedario con Flashcards
3. Alfabeto con sonido
4. Alfabeto con sonido 2
5. Alfabeto con sonido 3
6. Vocales/Vowels practice w/
my lesson plans

A2: Adjectives- Adjetivos
1. Adjetivos
2. Adjetivos basicos (quiz)
3. Adjetivos basicos (sonido)
4. Adjetivos con sonido
5. Adjetivos del caracter- Hangman
6. Adjetivos opuestos (quiz)
7. Adjetivos opuestos (quiz) 2

A3: Animales- Animals
1. Animales- Aves- Hangman
2. Animales- Wordsearch advanced 2
3. Animales- Wordsearch- Less advanced
4. Animales- Wordsearch- No pics, to do with teacher
5. Animales- World-General- Click and drag
6. Animales- Xtra with Battleship- Flash/Java
7. Animales- General- Click and drag
8. Animales- Grande a Pequeno
9. Animales- Gallinita Roja- Little Red Hen

B1: Body Parts- El Cuerpo
1.El Cuerpo - con sonido
2. El Cuerpo - labeled picture
3. El Cuerpo - image quiz, con sonido
4. El cuerpo - Intro con sonido
5. El Cuerpo -Spanish/English - Make words
6. El Cuerpo- 3 languages (con sonido)
7. El Cuerpo- add the words- Java)
8. El Cuerpo- Hangman

C1: Casa- House
* Ms. O' SUGGESTS!!: La Casa con PLAYMOBILE online!!!
1. El Castillo (Castle Builder) Make your own
2. El dormitorio - Make your own (3) para las chicas
3. El dormitorio - Make your own (4) -Make, print, and label in Spanish
4. El dormitorio - Make your own (no language)
5. La casa (make your own) print and label in Spanish
6. La casa y la comunidad- City Maker
7. La casa y los muebles (house and furniture, make your own)
8. La casa- El bano - Nice!
9. La casa- El bano- Quiz (timed, verbal)

C2: Ciencias- Science and FLES
1. Memory, Science, and Spanish

C3: Comida- Foods
1. La comida - ifoto y sonido!
2. La comida - Varios
3. La comida- Build a face
4. La comida- foto quiz- Nice!
5. La comida- frutas
6. La comida- Pizza- 2
7. La comida- quiz (con sonido)
8. La comida- vegetales
9. Viva la Pizza- Make your own!

C4: Colores y figuras
** Ms O' suggests: Online coloring
**MS. O' Recommends: Online coloring pages
1. Colores - con sonido
2. Colores- globos
3. Colores galore
4. Colores- click and drag
5. Colores - memory with nail polish
6. Colores - verifica
7. Colores- comida
8. Colores- figuras
9.Colores- matching

C5: Cultura Hispana- Spanish c
1. Latinoamerica- Thinkquest
2. Culture of Central America
3. Culture of the Equatorial Guinea Republic, an African, Spanish-speaking count
4. Cultura de Sur America
5. Taino culture of the Antilles
6. Culture of Spain
7. Culture of Mexico
8. Cultura de Puerto Rico
9. Cultura de Cuba

D1: Dias y Meses- Days and Mon

1. Dias (con sonido)

E1: Escuela - School
1. La escuela- Foto y sonido

F1: Familia - Family

1. La familia (quiz, sonido y vocabulario ilustrado)
2. La familia- SpyKids 1- Mama, papa, hermanos
3. La familia- Spy Kids 2- con abuelos
4. La familia- family tree
5. La familia- Hermano y hermana
6. La familia- multiple term questions (gifted/advanced/enrichment)
7. La familia- speed spell

G1: Greetings- Saludos y cort
1. Saludos - Greetings, courtesies
H1: Hace calor; hace frio....(
1. El clima- Hangman
2. Temperature and ordering sentences

H2: Horas y minutos
1. La hora
2. La hora 2

I: Interactive Spanish
1. Hello-World Interactivo
2. Interactive Spanish Audible-Clifford

M1:Math-Matematicas y FLES

1. Alreadedor del Mundo- Around the World
2. Matematicas y FLES- Use Math skills to acquire Spanish

M2:Meses-The Months
1. Los Meses- Months-Hangman
2. Meses (con sonido)


N1: Numeros
1.Numeros- sonido, flashcards, java
2.Numeros- varios juegos

V1: Vestimenta-Clothes
1. La vestimenta/ropa- quiz
2. La vestimenta/ropa- Intro con foto y sonido

V2: Vocabulario- Pract
***Scholastic Spanish
1. Carrera de Bicicletas- Bicycle Race
2. Vocabulario basico- practice (advanced)
X1: Xtras
1. Ms. O's FLES Website
2. Abecedario- Printables
3. Animales- Printables
4. Numeros Crossword- Printable
5. Numeros- Printables
6. Practica de 61 palabras comunes
7. Transportacion- Printables
8. Valentine's Christmas and Halloween interactive carvers
student work
my lesson plans

student work
my lesson plans

XXI: 21st Century Teaching Sit
* All things EdTech!
* All You can Eat WEB 2.0 buffet
* Become a 100 words graduate!!!!
* Catalog all your books online
* Chatzy- Flat Classroom Project
* Create a Spanish Comic Strip!!
* Digital Storytelling
* Facebook
* Get an RSS Reader
* Google Notebook
* Google Reader
* K-12 Online conferences
* Make a Voicethread!!!
* MICRO Blogging with Twitter
* NING your FLES class!
* Pollster
* Power Point Presentations Galore
* Professional Networking
* Publish your work free!!!
* Record it for FREE
* Science It!
* Science Leadership Academy
* Search Licenced works
* Second Life!!!!
* Share bookmarks
* Shift it!
* Skype someone!
* Technology in the FLES/ESL classroom
* Test your WPM
* TEXT ANY PIC! (In Spanish or English)
* Text Message any Cell Phone
* The Infinite Thinking Machine
* WIKI your FLES class
Make your own Crossword puzzles

**Scholastic CLASS
Dictionary 1
1. Cinco de Mayo Audibles and Homeschooling
2. Cinco de Mayo History
3. Cinco de Mayo Interactive Coloring book
4. Cinco de Mayo Printables!
5. La Piņata- Story of the Piņata
7. Online Mexico Wordsearch
8. Visita a Durango!

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