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You can control all your page related settings here.
tip! If you want to add a link into a category, you can click on the category name on your homepage. It will take you to the add-link form and category. Alternatively take a look at the "One Click Add Link" section.

Note For users that joined before July 10th, if you want sub-folders to be displayed, go to 'Miscellaneous Options' and choose the 'Folder Table'. New users are defaulted to that already.

Go to controls for Links/Urls | Categories | Home Page | Account | Miscellaneous
Add Link - add a new link/url.
*One Click Add Link
This is very useful!
Drag and drop one of the following links onto your toolbar / bookmarks)
A: ->Add myHq link<- (opens in the same window, use this if you have a popup blocker active)
B: ->Add myHq link<- (opens in a new window, pretty convenient)
Now, whereever you are and you want to add a link to your page, just click on that button. The add-link page will come up with the title and url already filled!
Edit/Copy/Move/Delete Links - change, copy, move or delete an existing link/url. Position individual links. Move links between categories
New!Find Duplicate Links - Finds the duplicate links in your page. You can remove duplicates from that page.
Grab Links - grab (copy) over links from someone elses page. Check out the public pages for a list of people.
Import Bookmarks - import your bookmarks into myHq so you don't have to retype everything again.
Export Bookmarks - export your bookmarks from myHq to your browser.
Email Bookmarks - email bookmarks to your friends! (you can select single or multiple categories at once.)
Miscellaneous options - control how you navigate (single window or double window), control how links are arranged (alphabetically/numerically), add shortcuts to your page, Choose your page layout (7 choices)
Clean Slate - Delete ALL links (and all categories if you so choose).
Add Category - add a new category to your page.
Edit/Move/Delete Category - edit, move or delete an existing category.
Home Page
Change Style - change the looks of your page. (the fonts / colors / background)
Public Page Control - change settings for your public page. (allow/disallow, put a message, title, password protect your public page)
Personal Information - edit your personal information (change name/email/password)
Log out - log out of your account.
Tell Friends - introduce this service to your friends! Help us grow.

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